Make an old school sling for replicas.

Today (very) quick tutorial for making yourself a sling for M1 carbine and other ancient replicas.
The goal isn’t to make an exact replica of the original strap but rather to make a retro look, which do the job, rather than breaking the bank in an original or a replica model that isn’t always available in desired colors. In any case I haven’t found a green/khaki model under 15 €. Ruinous for what it is.

What do we need to do this?

IMG_5606mod1 – A 25mm (1″) width strap of 2 meters rather than one.
You should take cotton and not nylon which shines and leaves no doubt as to its origin.
We easily find it in internet haberdashery by typing “webbing” or “strap” or even “ribbon” and adding choice eg “25mm; kaki; green” …
Budget about € 4/5 including postage for 2 meters.

IMG_5603mod2 – Two ends to “close” the strap.
Findable in different colors on ebay – gold / bronze / silver / black – by searching for keywords like “belt”, “buckle”, “end” or “tip”.
For a 1″ wide strap, the 25mm models suit perfectly.
Budget about € 4 including postage for 10 pieces.

IMG_5605mod3 – Two adjustable loops.
Findable in the same hues, still on ebay with “buckles”, “belt”, “hook” or “loop” and “adjustable” simply.
Several shapes available, according to taste, colors!
Budget about € 5 including postage for 10 pieces.


IMG_5607mod4 – Hammer, scissors.
And no more than 5 minutes of your life. Not bad right?





Following is quite simple.

1 – Start by evaluating the length of strap you want, this is an opportunity to make it to your size, consistent with actions we realize and how you carry the replica that will go with.
2 – Trim the ends to make them perfectly clean and not frayed.
3 – Close the ends with the right parts. I advise you to slightly tweak the teeth to bring them inside the piece rather than being perpendicular. Having tried the first time, the piece comes out too easily. Two or three hammer blows and it’s done.
4 – Mount the loops .
5 – Attach all on your favorite replica.
6 – And now you got a “vintage” but brand new sling !






– At your dimensions, suitable for your use.
– 100% customizable colors.
– Retro look.
– In the budget you got the remaining material to manufacture other slings.
– Ability to drastically reduce costs by purchasing a nylon strap 5x cheaper.

– Not an exact copy of the original.