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Review of the M712 GBB, manufactured by WE and modified by SWIT AIRSOFT.
This version has a very realistic appearence thanks to real MAUSER markings done with CNC tools.
Click, scroll through the photos and enjoy ! Video and conclusion at the bottom of the page.

Review du M712 GBB fabriqué par WE et modifié par SWIT AIRSOFT.
Cette version a une apparence très réaliste grâce à des marquages MAUSER réalisés à la machine CNC.
Cliquez sur la galerie ci-dessous et faites défiler les photos. Vidéo et conclusion plus bas.


My opinion :
The M712 manufactured by WE is an excellent replica. Internals are reliable, inner barrel and hop-up rubber are MARUI standard allowing upgrade and disassembly is easy.
This version from SWIT AIRSOFT has the best externals compared to others M712 like HFC, MARUSHIN, TERCEL or KWC. In fact contrary to stock replicas that have no marking or chinese markings, here, there are german realistic markings from MAUSER on it and it’s wonderful. They are deeply engraved by CNC tools and well realized. You’ll find in the box an ABS stock that allows you to transform it in a GBB carbine or simply use it as a holster. Performances are fine, fast firing, full-auto mode, good accuracy and range, simply use heavy bb’s as the hop-up rubber is a bit strong. The replica is delivered with a long 27 bb’s magazine but you can buy spare short 11 bb’s magazines from WE or ARMORER WORKS that are completely compatible.
This replica will suit all airsoft players, easy to use and maintenance, particularly WW2/WW1 players or for post-apocalyptic games.
You’ll find this M712 HERE.


Mon avis :
Le M712 fabriqué par WE est une excellente réplique. L’interne est fiable, le canon et le joint hop-up sont au standard MARUI permettant l’upgrade et le démontage est facile.
Cette version de SWIT AIRSOFT a le meilleur externe du marché comparé aux marques HFC, MARUSHIN, TERCEL ou KWC. En fait, contrairement aux répliques de base ne disposant pas de marquages ou alors de marquages chinois, ici, il y a des marquages allemands réalistes de la firme MAUSER et c’est assez magnifique. Ils sont gravés profondément avec des outils CNC et bien réalisés. Vous trouverez dans la boîte une crosse en ABS qui vous permettra de transformer la réplique en carabine ou simplement de l’utiliser comme holster. Les performances sont bonnes, tirs rapides, mode rafale, bonnes précision et portée à condition d’utiliser de la bille lourde comme le joint hop-up est un peu trop puissant. La réplique est livrée avec un chargeur long de 27 billes mais on peut également se procurer des chargeurs courts de 11 billes de marque WE ou ARMORER WORKS qui sont complètement compatibles.
Cette réplique conviendra à tous les joueurs d’airsoft, facile d’utilisation et de maintenance, particulièrement les joueurs WW2/WW1 ou pour les scénarios post-apocalyptiques.
Vous trouverez ce M712 ICI.


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  1. Saw your video on this WE712 a month ago, finally decided to get one for myself and man, you were not kidding. I absolutely love the feel and style of this thing. I didn’t quite believe you at first when you said that a long mag can shoot over 70 times before refilling, but that was totally true; I was stunned when I was testing cause it just kept shooting.

    I haven’t had the chance to field it yet, but I may give a report once I do.

    I love the style of your videos and the professionalism of your delivery and review, keep it up bud.

    Love from New York!


    • Hi Edward!
      I love your comment, this is this type of feedback that makes me keep working on new reviews and scientific data :)
      Proud to get a new smart follower!
      I was impressed too as lots of airsoft players said the replica had a bad autonomy… but I get a M712 and… don’t trust 80% of reviews and feedbacks of players! Reliable data is hard to find now, lots of reviews aren’t very objective and detailed…
      See U next time!
      Love from France!


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