pre-order M870 APS !


C’est officiel !
APS accepte les pré-commandes pour sa nouvelle réplique, le M870.
Après Marui, c’est donc APS qui nous sort un M870 à gaz/CO2, avec la particularité cette fois-ci d’éjecter une cartouche à chaque tir.
Les cartouches sont chargées en “grenaille” avec 12 billes puis scellées avec un morceau de carton afin de les retenir. Lors du tir, la charge de CO2 contenue dans chaque cartouche propulse ainsi un nuage de billes. À priori terrible en CQB où l’on ne perdra pas ses cartouches et où la portée de tir est faible (à noter que dans le bundle un récupérateur de douilles sera livré). En revanche inutilisable en forêt ou autre terrain aux grandes distances d’engagement car oui, le gros problème de ce type de fonctionnement est l’impossibilité d’y adjoindre un hop-up. Et c’est bien là que le bas blesse quand on lit ça :

Maximum Range: 15 Meters
Effective Range: 8 Meters

Donc vraiment réservé au CQB quoi !

Un peu plus de détails :
– capacité de 6+1 cartouches.
– vrai bois (les photos doivent montrer un prototype avec garnitures en ABS je pense).
– une sécurité.
– livré avec 2 cartouches.
– chaque cartouche supplémentaire coûtera 5$, soit qqch de vraiment pas cher ! (Et ça ravira plus d’un bricolo !)
– livré avec un récupérateur de douilles.
– livré avec leur chargeur CO2, utilisant les sparclettes de 12g.
– livré avec de quoi faire 50 tirs si l’ont ne récupère pas les cartons.







Pour les détails :

Base on the design of APM50 Cartridge Ejection Sniper Rifle. A new APS gun – CAM870M Cartridge Airsoft Marker is coming in Q1 2014. CAM870M is a Airsoft shotgun powered by Co2. Similar to our APM50, the power of the gun is coming from the cartridge itself. Each cartridge contains 12 rounds of BB that will fly out simultaneously in each shot, generate one Joule with the use of 0.2g BB. More features can be found here below:

Airsoft Guns powered by Co2

Similar to its our APM50, our CAM870M power coming from Co2 stored in the cartridge. With the worldwide-patented cartridge design, User can simply charge the Co2 from an adapter to the cartridge. Standard gun packing comes with 2 cartridge shells with maximum capacity 12 rounds BB per shell. The gun has a single barrel above a tube magazine into which shells are inserted. The gun takes maximum 6 + 1 shell on each load. The most important thing is, the cartridge is refillable and available in 6mm caliber, which is common used and found in Airsoft market.


CAM870M provide you a real feel of handling. Because of the cocking action, that are distinguished in the way in which spent shells are extracted and fresh ones are chambered. New shells are chambered by pulling a pump handle or called the fore-end attached to the tube magazine toward the user, then pushing it back into place to chamber the cartridge. The cartridge shell will eject every time you shoot and cock. The ejected cartridge case of course can be re-usable and refillable for your next use. Each gun comes with a shell catcher so the user can collect the rejected shells. APS built this gun together with real firearms manufacturer in China, the stock are and fore end are made of real wood. The guns itself, no matter the body built, cocking or handling are so authentic, which make it looks original and real when compare to others Airsoft Shotgun.

Revolution Design

You no longer find 6.XX inner barrel on our CAM870M. A revolutionary design of our shell ejection system allows our gun using outer barrel in 17.5mm. The use of sabot in Airsoft Guns is rarely found. When the projectile is fired, the sabot blocks the gas, and carries the projectile down the barrel. Once the projectile clears the barrel, the sabot material falls away because of the shock of hitting still air pulls the parts away from the projectile, allowing the projectile to continue in flight. The use of sabot increases shot power and bullet velocity due to the lighter-mass BB, and increased accuracy due to the velocity and the reduction in deformation of the sabot itself.

Lower malfunction rate

Since the power source and main mechanism are now coming from the cartridge case instead of the gun. So user can simply repair the cartridge or use a new cartridge in case of malfunction happened. Users will not feel despair when malfunction happen while battling. Extra Co2 cartridge shell is just cost USD$5 which is affordable by public.

To conclude, CAM870M is a precious airsoft gun rarely seen in the market. No words in the dictionary can describe the beauty of this gun. APS keep the traditional of making unique and new products to hit the market. This gun will sooner become the trademark of APS and Airsoft player would recognize.

Caliber: 6mm BB
Outer barrel size: 18mm
Energy Source: Rechargeable Co2 Cartridge
Velocity: 250 FPS @ 0.2g BB x 12 (Shower Mode)
Maximum Range: 15 Meters
Effective Range: 8 Meters
Fire Selector: Safe / Fire
Wooden Butt Stock and Hand Grip
Metal Body
Rate of Fire: Pump Action Single Shot
Shell Capacity : 6 + 1 Rounds
Length 100cm(L) x 12cm(H) x 3.8cm(W)
Weight: 5 kg

Package includes:

1 x CAM870 Gun

1 x User Manual

1 x Co2 Charger

2 x Cartridge Shells

1 x Catcher Bag

50 x Wad

50 x Sealing Paper

Images provenant du site officiel APS.

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