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First post of a complete GBB report.

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Throwing myself into the project to create my own custom replica, it is an opportunity to share with you several things that should have been the subject of lone articles.
x14692027When it comes to upgrade / reliabilization in airsoft, we find everything and its opposite on the net and in discussions. This is how airsofters can end up making unnecessary costly expenses just because they have followed the advice of a comrade who merely relay whisper and innuendo without any verification. One of the objectives of this series of papers will be to check or bring down certain myths. More generally, it will be a matter of improving its replica GBB on scientifically or empirically verified bases.

Why ? Well, because I like to decipher and understand things rather than take them for true without verification. Also because I only play virtually GBB and dossier-gbb-airsoft-oioi-oioiairsoft-test-review-modif you don’t to be outclassed by a cheap AEG, you need to have a replica that runs well. So with a good preparation and leaving nothing to chance, you can make a war beast or a gem of technology without spending a lot of money. You just need to know how to analyze the urban legends and marketing arguments of the manufacturers! It is for this reason that I crafted a shooting stand for GBB whose description can be found by following the link below.

header2mod2petit200Follow the manufacture of the shooting stand for GBB by clicking on the photo opposite :
Tutorial in 3 pages to make one for virtually no cost

So by following a frame of assembly of a GBB, I propose to you a series of articles which will have for object to:
– Answer basic questions for newcomers in this leisure
– Answer technical questions
– Perform performance studies
– Testing marketed parts
– Manufacturing parts


1 – Metal or ABS ?
2 – Tuto : DIY fixed outer barrel
3 – Gas inlet valve: O-ring or not O-ring?

To be continued…

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