Gindan Marui – Review EN

funniesIntroduction : Gindans are handgun replicas manufactured by Marui, they have the specificity and exclusivity of being “semi-auto spring”. Indeed, the “spring” as we hear in our discipline is a replica you will need to rearm the slide after each shot ; Marui offers here a very interesting alternative by the development of a semi-auto mode. Moreover these replicas shoots less than 0.07 joules which authorizes minors to use it (in France anyway). For my part I will call these “funnies” in the image of tanks developed by Mr. Hobart for D-Day. Glock 26 and PPK are available.

IMG_8223modSpecifications : The replica is ​​fully made of plastic / ABS, no metal except screws and springs. It fires semi auto, as announced above, at a power of about 60 fps with 0.20g so about 0.04 joules. The PPK version is about 15cm for only 120 grams, magazine full of his 18 balls (see below). No security, no moving slide, no mag catch… So very simple ! We can’t blame Marui for the price of twenty dollars, especially since the replica still has a fixed hop up!

IMG_8227modApparence : Made entirely of plastic, our spring has a proper finish, the plastic is molded in two hulls, which will be assembled by 5 screws whose heads are visible on the right side of the replica. An interval is apparent between these two hulls but just tightening the screws will make it disappear. One big streak of molding under the barrel, not very pretty, but finish is rather clean, evidenced by the markings that are quite well made ​​but have the disadvantage of being completely fanciful.IMG_8235modThe painting is pretty good even for silver replica. To conclude this section, I will say that the appearance is generally good, a good finish but Toy like markings, however put in relation to the price it is very good!

Handling : Well then it will go fast, no (real) safety, no moving hammer, no moving slide, no mag catch… The trigger is the only moving part. The magazine can hold 18 bb’s and it’s a bit boring to load but Marui has thought of everything (or almost), a BB loader is available for $4 and will help you reload in 10 seconds. Actually Marui did not think at all since there is no extra magazine for sale, it’s disappointing ! Not necessarily useful for humiliator, but much more for a game in your apartment ! EDIT : Spare mags available in France. IMG_8230modIn fact there is a pseudo safety, in the absence of magazine, the mechanism can’t be armed. In terms of proper handling, replicas are 1:1 size (Glock 26 and PPK) but these models are already compact versions, the handles are comfortable and long enough to not having the 5th finger on the edge of suicide. The sights have red dots for silver version and white dots for the black version.

Performances : Do not expect miracles ! Replica fires between 50 and 70 fps with 0.20g (used just for chrony), so a power of about 0.04 joules, this makes it authorized for minors who respect the law replica (in France anyway). Concerning the range, the shot is straight about 7 meters (23 feet) but allows to reach 10 meters (33 feet) without aiming to much above. The maximum range of 15 meters (45 fette) announced by Marui can be obtained but you really shoot in the air so that the ball falls down to 15 meters. Accuracy is not at the top but at 6 or 7 meters (straight shot) the dispersion is approximately of 50x50cm (20×20″). Trigger is not so hard but it’s linear and you need to pull it a little less than 1 inch for the shot to go. Of course all this is valid with 0.12 grams BB’s, in 0.20g maximum range is easily halved. You will understand that to take advantage of this little gem of compact technology, 0.12g BB’s are obligatoire and BB loader is highly recommended ! The magazine holds 18 bb’s but the replica has a pipe containing IMG_8237modten bb’s between the barrel and magazine, so even with an empty magazine replica is likely to fire even if designed to avoid. Safety glasses remain essential even at this power.

Conclusion : Marui innovates with this replica ! We have got a small pistol with a very respectable finish, a very innovative and interesting mechanism. Well adapted to the minors, it would be stupid to let them this replica, this little toy will delight lovers of luxury replicas. It will also allow you to practice airsoft with your sweetheart in your apartment (still put a T-shirt on the computer screen) without damaging furniture, walls (or girlfriend). IMG_8225modYour bathroom will become the respawn while the office will be a bunker ! Marui, having adopted a very low price, haven’t saved on quality control, the balls remaining inside attest the replica has been checked and ensure you getting a functional replica out of the box. This is a must have!

Positive things :
– Price.
– Revolutionary semi-auto for the price of a standard spring.
– Overall finish.
– Complete bundle : replica, magazine, manual, targets and BB’s.
– Very low power = no injury and usable at home.

Neutral things :
– Performance.

Negative things :
– No spare magazine.
– Fanciful markings.
– Very light, like a toy.
– Few double shots.

Gindan in France :
Spare magasines :


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