ABL tent

I’m not very good at English so please forgive any mistakes you see ;)

Short article on a camouflage tent that I love. Camo ABL directly copied from english paratroopers camo of World War II. Subsequently used mainly by the French in Indochina and in Korea by Belgian volunteers and Africa by Belgian troops.
This camouflage is called “Moon and balls” and was created in 1948, inspired as I said by the camouflage of “Denison smock”.

The Moon and balls camo :

(Image Kamouflage.net)

A Denison Smock :

Tent bought on ebay for not too expensive, € 25 more in order to have the cloth for the tent itself.
The tent is as follows:

Unpacking :

So we got the tent bag, a bag containing the pegs, and the tent.

Well, obviously there’s something missing…

I will detail the folding because it is often a problem when we do not know the material and pleats are erased.

The tent is rather very small, rudimentary, has some pockets. Not much more to say, except that it is difficult for me to say that it is a tent, rather a cloth for shelter from light and not weather .

2 thoughts on “ABL tent

  1. There is nothing “missing” exept for the drawstring to straighten the tent.
    This is actually ONE piece of a tent. Two pieces buttoned together will form an A-tent (or pup tent). Google for shelter half or A-tent and you will see what I mean.
    ONE piece could be used as a poncho. buttoned together and the carrying bag is used as a hood…


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