Custom – Day 1 – EN

Today, first article about a project I’d like to implement soon. It is a disease with me, I do a lot of projects but almost never started or stopped while being manufactured by loss of motivation and transition to a new project!IMG_3178mod

First project, quite special and “fanciful”, it quickly bored me.
Based on AGM Sten MK2, only body and sights should have been different.

Second project, a sten MK3 blowback, is almost finished, but I lost motivation ! The common point of these two customs is the base : the AGM Sten. If its mechanics was largely correct and allowed the addition of an homemade recoil shock, operation was incompatible with a silent replica.

Enjoying playing solo / infiltration so I think about the most appropriate mechanism :
– GBB : Too noisy.
– NBB : Big trouble adjusting mechanical and magazines do not correspond with the silhouette of the replica I want.
– Electrical : Very reliable standard gearboxs but quite noisy anyway and rather bulky. So naturally I turned to the mini-gearboxs AEP and ECSMG.

They have the obvious advantage of being compact. AEP gearbox (G18C, P226…) has a really convenient form pr a long replica but should fully review the mechanism to put the nozzle in the right axis.

ECSMG gearbox (Scorpion, MP7 …) is too high ; therefore none is perfect … Wonderful !

Another drawback, they are too few powerful, 200 fps for the AEP gearbox and 250 fps for the ECSMG. Hardly upgradable to over 300 fps, the motor is too low to pull a bigger spring.
The idea is to change the motor to an AEG standard one and rearrange everything at the same time.

The design has begun, thanks to a friend who gave me Solidworks .

Hebergeur d'image

Hebergeur d'image

More in the next episode !

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