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As the new M1911A1 CYBERGUN has released, relatively unnoticed at the moment, I propose, always in order to bring to the community the keys of decryption, a comparison with the old version, known as Colt 1911 A1 100th anniversary.

First, let’s talk about this 1st version, the Colt 100th anniversary. Widespread on airsoft community, it is a delight for fans of big kick in search of game sensations. However, it is not unanimous among the amateurs of 1911A1 in search of performance or realism that often prefer him the MARUI mechanism replicas for the spare parts availability. Indeed, this model distributed by CYBERGUN is manufactured by the brand KWC which does not propose a “standard” mechanic and even fewer parts or upgrade. No manufacturer to my knowledge offers parts improvement for KWC replica owners. This negative point being relatively counterbalanced by a mechanism considered as strong by the possessors of the replica despite the constraint of CO2.
In my opinion what dissuades the fans of 1911 from buying this replica is the absence of engraved markings, only made by laser, fanciful markings and a very particular painting, so many points that discouraged me to buy this replica in recent years.

And a few days ago, CYBERGUN launched sale its new version of the replica, a 2017 version announced as more realistic with phosphated/parkerised aspect and engraved markings. Thanks to the recent success of its railguns and the Colt mkIV, the French firm sends positive messages to the community, seeming to take players’ opinions into account and gradually improving the quality of its products. But what is really happening here? So I bought the two replicas to make the comparison, you just have to follow the guide!

Just for information :


The box of the new version is cheap compared to the old, the brand CYBERGUN does not even appear, no polystyrene protection. I do not thank the store to whom I bought this replica, 3rd order, first where I am disappointed by the packaging. I paid 9,30 € for the packing and the shipping costs, just take a look, I reconstituted the packing box, the box of the replica is simply covered with cardboard and shipped like that. Obviously at the reception, the cardboard is a bit stoned…

Beyond that, it can be noted that the manual delivered with the replica is not quite the same as in the 100th anniversary version, everything is the same except the part on the guarantee. No more CYBERGUN 5 years warranty on this replica. Pity. After that there is always the legal guarantee as for all the other replicas: 1 year or 2 years, in France.

On the other hand it is necessary to notice the appearance of a silencer adapter in the 2017 version, which can be screwed on the outer barrel. And that’s pretty cool!


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So. Let’s talk about serious things ! Click on the gallery to scroll the photos in HD and see the differences:




This new version of the CYBERGUN 1911A1 is an evolution of the 100th anniversary model. The markings are now realistic, no more “MADE IN TAIWAN”, “CAL 6MM”, (we nevertheless keep the “F” in its hexagon). New markings appear as the traditional “G.H.D.”, “P”, “T”+logo, “UNITED STATES PROPERTY”, “M1911A1 U.S.ARMY”, “69” and and and … a unique serial number! They are engraved quite deeply in a rather clean way, simply paint in some place that could be deburred to improve the appearance. One can simply deplore the absence of “ACP” on the chamber which is devoid of marking. The color is completely changed, from a dark, glittery and slightly shiny grey to a lighter, uniform and matte grey paint of the most beautiful effect. I had read somewhere that the mechanics had been updated but I think not after I disassembled it, no visible difference between the two versions (unless it is inside the nozzle), the slides are for example interchangeable without any particular issue. To top it all off, the replica is now sold with a silencer adapter!

A replica with powerful kick, realistic markings engraved, a clean and well chosen paint, a low profile magazine despite the use of CO2 and a mechanical/magazine compatibility with the previous version (which remains a good GBB) make this replica a very interesting investment combining playing sensations and realism. The price is higher, you have to determine if the additional cost of about 20€ worth it. I think so. A successful version 2 by CYBERGUN in full “positive mutation”.


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